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Go Green with Manhattan Cosmetics Nail Polish. Review and Swatches

I really like a lot of brands from Deutschland (Germany). My fav of all times is Artdeco.  But there are too many other great brands on every taste and wallet.  Last week I made a lot of posts about new nail polish collections so today I would like to show you the last nail polish that I got myself. It’s a super pretty shimmery green colour (#85) by Manhattan cosmetics.

“Dries only 60 seconds: long-lasting, intensive colour and shine for nails. With X-Act brush for easier application.”

I agree with everything! I love the design and the brush is amazing. Plus it takes  about a minute for nail polish to get dry.  But probably the best thing is that you get nice colour just after you use it once. On the photo below Ihave 2 layers.  I got this  nail polish for about $5.


You can check out Manhattan cosmetics here

Fairy Tales Inspired Collections: Wizard of Ooh Ahz by China Glaze and Alice in Wonderland by OPI

You are a fan of nail polish and fairy tales? I’m sure you’d love these 2 collections. Wizard of Ooh Ahz by China Glaze and Alice in Wonderland by OPI.

Cina Glaze

This is a re-promoted collection from 2001. Meet 6 holiday shades with glitter from Wizard of Ohh Ahz by China Glaze collection.

  1. Ruby Pumps, red with glitter
  2. Cowardly Lyin’,  gold frost with  golden  glitter
  3. The Ten Man, silver frost with  silver glitter
  4. Dorothy Who?, blue  with silver and blue glitter
  5. C-C-Courage, purple  with purple  glitter
  6. Good Witch, pink frost with   pink  glitter

china glaze ooh ahz colours

I can’t wait to see Alice in Wonderlan by Tim Burton. And did you know that OPI created a collection which is called Alice in Wonderland? Here are all the details

China Glaze Up And Away Collection. Spring 2010

china glaze up and away

New collection by China Glaze that will be available in January 2010

  1. Grape Pop Bright
  2. Sugar High
  3. Something Sweet C
  4. Light As Air
  5. Heli-Yum
  6. Flyin’ High
  7. Four Leaf Clover
  8. Re-Fresh Mint
  9. Peachy Keen
  10. High Hopes
  11. Happy Go Lucky
  12. Lemon Fizz

Check out all the colour and swatches

Bloom Nail Polish Collection by Orly for Spring 2010

orly bloom spring 2010

I already wrote about collection by Orly for  Valentine’s Day and now it’s time for Spring 2010 collection! Meet 6 new vibrant colours.  Lovely!

  1. Thorned Roses
  2. Blushing Bud
  3. Wild Wisteria
  4. Ginger Lily
  5. Wandering Vines
  6. Pure Petunia

Photo of all shades

Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Collection by Orly

It seems that everyone is already talking about Spring 2010  collections. But what about winter? There are a lot of holidays yet to survive 🙂  One of them is Saint Valentine’s Day. I am not a fan of this holiday but I love evrything red. And if  you are a fan of red and crimson as myself or love hot pink or shimmery girly pink I have great news for you. Orly created the  special collection for Valentine’s Day.

valentine collection by orly

There are 12 new shades:

  1. Star Spangled
  2. Bus Stop Crimson
  3. Crawford’s Wine
  4. Red Flare
  5. Haute Red
  6. Cherry Romb
  7. Butterflies
  8. Basket Case
  9. It’s Not Me, It’s You
  10. Seashell
  11. Girly
  12. Lift The Veil

Check the photo of all shades below. Most of them are gorgeous, don’t you think? And I have a feeling that I will get some  reds.  And what about you?