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NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2010

Take a look at the new NARS vintage nail polish collection which will be available in October. These are the nail polishes which were once available and now are brought back for a limited time.

  1. Mash, army green infused with gold
  2. King Kong, cooper brown infused with gold
  3. Midnight Express, deep navy
  4. Zulu, forest green
  5. Full Metal Jacket, gunmetal grey

Fall Trend: Green Nail Polish

Looks like green nail polish is a big trend this Fall! Here are just some green nail polishes that I’ve chosen. I love Illamasqua Viridian (peacock green with metallic finish) and butter LONDON British Racing Green (dark, “hunter green” ) the best (which is obvious if you know me)!

Nail polishes in order they are shown:

  1. NARS Zulu
  2. butter LONDON British Racing Green
  3. MAC