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Jo Loves. New Brand from Jo Malone

If you like Jo Malone company which was sold to Estee Lauder you will be happy to find our that now Jo has another company called Jo Loves. To find out more from Jo herself watch the video below.

I personally can’t wait to try the new products!

The Power of the Pretty Bottles

I never met a woman indifferent to pretty bottles! And I am one of those who can go for something because it’s “oh, so pretty” and can never get something because “the design and the package are horrible.” Know what I am talking about ? ūüėČ

So I was looking at the new perfumes and here are 3 designs that I really liked.

First of all I liked these Pupa Air de Fio bottles, all with different scents, 75 ml retail for ‚ā¨28.


The second is

My Favourite Perfumes:Parisienne by YSL and Black XS by Paco Rabanne.

Since today we are talking about perfumes I will show you my favourites of the moment: Parisienne by YSL and Black XS by Paco Rabanne.

Parisienne is the fragrance of ultra-femininity and sensuality, built with notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood. The grand floral with a woody structure is luminous even in its mystery.”

Black XS for women is a modern floral-fruity composition. Top notes starts sharp and spicy with cranberry, pink peppercorn and tamarind, middle notes hellebore noir rose, black violet and cocoa blossom. The base notes are patchouli, Massoia wood and vanilla.”

And what are your favourite perfumes? Do you know any  that I should check out that have something in common with these two?

Love it : Guerlain Champs-Elysees Video

Hi girls, I am at home at last and I’ve missed the blog and you all (the posts that you read were scheduled)!

I like to watch videos about¬† makeup and beauty¬† products and today I’d love to share the video that I really love: Guerlain’s Champs-Elysees video with Sophie Marceau.

” The symbol of prestige and the influence of a city in perpetual motion, Paris‚Äôs famed avenue is where the world meets ‚Äď the Champs-Elys√©es is the center of this perfume, and the center of everything. A thrilling breath of life and the promise of infinite love. ”

I have to do so many things that I don’t even know were to start but I had a wonderful week and a weekend because I love my work and I love my friends (we had a great time during the weekend). And what about you? How are you doing? What is new? I can’t believe it’s almost summer! What plans do you have?¬† I would also like to remind you about the giveaway!

What Is Your Favourite Perfume?

It seems that most women and men are obsessed with perfumes.¬† There are also so many quotes about perfumes by famous people.¬† Fragrance is like a cult product now. And what do you think about perfumes? How many do you have? Which one is your favourite? For some reason I don’t wear perfumes a lot, only when I am in a mood for it.¬† Moreover, I don’t like it on most people – maybe they are using the scent which doesn’t fit them or they use way too much.

Right now my favourite perfume is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. I would never thought that I may like¬† because the bottle and the promo photo is really not my style. But I’ve tried this perfume just of curiosity and I was very surprised that I really liked it. So now most of the time I use this perfume but I know that soon I will be tired of it so I need to find something else for myself.¬† Something fresh that smells like “Spring”. Any suggestions?

The Very Hollywood scent is described as sophisticated, seductive and luxurious. The notes are mandarin  bergamot,  gardenia, jasmine,  amber, white moss and vetiver.