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  • Photos Of The Weekend. April 6th 2014

    Happy weekend, everyone! I’ve managed to do a lot of things during Saturday and Sunday, and still have some stuff planned for the evening (like going to the cinema) . The most important one is that I went out running yesterday, which you already know, if you follow me on Twitter, and it was amazing! […]

  • Photo Of The Weekend: March 23rd 2014

    This weekend so many things happened, that I didn’t even know which photo to include. But I’ll go  with this one. I had a brunch with some of my favourite gilfriends ( I just don’t  spend enough time with them, sigh) on Saturday. Besides having the most amazing food, including crumpets with grape and strawberry […]

  • Photo Of The Weekend: 15th March 2014

    This week I went a bit crazy pinning food inspiration photos/recipes on my Pinterest Food board. I’ve also tried to spend more time cooking (and reading) during my free time because I find it to be relaxing and even calming. Here is one of the salads that I made this week. Finally I did not […]

  • Photo of the Weekend. March 1st 2014

    This week  I lost my favourite hat which made me very upset… I do have several other ones but they don’t suit me that well, in my opinion. But I already managed to buy a new one, even with 50% discount,  since it’s the end of the season, which is great. I thought I’d also share some […]

  • Photo Of The Weekend. January 11th 2014

    How hard  is it to go back to “reality” after all those holidays with lots of food and sleeping until the noon? Please don’t tell me that it’s only me… Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows I saw quite a few photos of this indulgence recently so had to make a cup for myself. I was enjoying […]