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New Brand from Jo Malone. Jo Loves

I’ve written about Jo Malone’s new brand Jo Loves some time ago and I am happy to let you know that all four fragrances from Jo Loves are already available for the purchase.

I really love that Jo has chosen red and black as her signature colour, there is nothing better than a combo of read and black! There are four fragrances so far, each is 100ml and  retails for £95.

Since I haven’t tried any of them  – here is how Jo describes them.


“Pomelo is clean and crisp; it’s my best friend made up of memories and moments. It’s that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice. I spray Pomelo onto my skin a couple of times when I go into the office, when I’m out and about and again before lunch or cocktails. Like me, Pomelo has a masculine side to it, it’s confident and sharp.”

 Green Orange & Coriander 

“Green Orange & Coriander is soulful and sassy. It has a wonderfully clean smell to it and the marriage between green citrus and herb sits beautifully together and becomes very sexy. This fragrance reminds me of Sunday brunch in New York; sitting in a hotel wearing a big roll neck cashmere sweater drinking a glass of wine in front of a log fire. It’s incredibly comforting yet at the same time it evokes a real sense of passion and warmth.”

Orange Tulle

“Orange Tulle is