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Pupa Sunset Glam Collection for Summer 2010

Pupa summer 2010 makeup collection Sunset Glam is already available. I like the promo picture and how it is described:

“The refined atmosphere of a warm summer sunset, the longing for trips and adventure, the freedom to run with wind in your hair.

A collection characterized by flaming colours and brilliant nuances that enhance suntan and illuminate the skin.

An elegant and ultra-chic allure,warm and bright tones that recall the chromatic contrasts of the desert, the shades of the earth and the blues of the sky.”

Collection includes:


Colours are warm, vibrant and full of life.

An innovative formula, rich in precious and ultra fine pearls, for a baked eye-shadow that can be used in two ways.

Dry: the eyes are illuminated by an extraordinary touch of light.

Wet: for a magnetic, intense look and a pure colour, rich in metal reflections.


Eyelashes are perfectly defined, with new volume, and water resistant. The formula is creamy, light and extrablack: Its innovative technology ensures a long lasting hold and a flawless waterproof result.


Contemporary Butterfly Spring 2010 Collection by Pupa

Although it’s time to write about summer collections maybe some of you haven’t seen this Spring 2010 makeup collection by Pupa called  Contemporary utterfly.

A re-visitation of the ’80s, bright, energetic colours and sumptuous details. Perfectly in line with the fashion trends of catwalks, Pupa’s spring collection is gritty and radiant. Tones of fuchsias, greens, light-blues and violets:strong colours that get even stronger when you mix and match them.

You can check out all the details at the official website

So what do you think about this collection? I really wanted to get something from their gorgeous holiday 2009 collection but couldn’t find it. Maybe it was sold out so fast or maybe it was available only in Italy (Pupa is an Italian brand for those who don’t know). But now there is a new Pupa counter just near my place so I won’t miss anything  for sure 🙂

Gorgeous Holiday 2009 Collection: Black&Gold by Pupa.

pupa holiday 2009 promo

A reinterpretation of the 40’s and 50’s for the contemporary woman who is strong and determined, but also loves to be very feminine, sensual and mysterious. A precious retrò allure to dress up your holiday nights.

Black and gold are the predominant colours. Deep and intense eyes, extreme colours for sublime lips, a delicate and luminous face and a precious touch even on the hands. The packaging of this line is elegant, black and shiny, enriched by golden details.

I already wrote about this collection and today I wanted to get these items. This is my FAVOURITE holiday collection. It is just SO ME!  I love almost all the products. But I was dying to get the eye shadows and shimmering spray. So I went to the Pupa counter near my house and guess what?! It’s not there anymore. The girl who works there said that Pupa was not popular with the customers.  They still have a lot of great European brands but I am very disappointed that they don’t have Pupa anymore.  I will check out other shops in the city. Here are the items that I want to get:

Luminys Baked Eyeshadows, EUR 14, 5

The eyes are in the foreground, intense and mysterious thanks to the baked eye shadow on a black basis, enriched with tonized pearls.

Available in gold, blue, green and purple.

Luminys Baked Eyeshadow Dual Purpose

Shimmering Powder, EUR 24

A delicately perfumed glittering powder to spray on skin and hair, to create captivating light effects. It is light, extra fine and precious because it contains a very high concentration of pearls. Shake before using for a perfect sprinkle.

Pupa holiday 2009 shimmering sprayAnd the rest of the collection

Sunday 15.11. Beautiful Reading

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How are you doing my dear readers? I am doing just great. This week me and the BF had our anniversary so we had a celebration at our fav Japanese restaurant. But if you follow me on twitter you know the details!

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