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Ins and Outs. May 2011

A lot of readers tell me that they would like to know  more about myself  so I think it’s nice to make more personal (but not too personal) posts from time to time. So here are my Ins and Outs for this month.


Great Skin

My skin looks so much better now, it is not dry and irritated. There are a lot of factors to “blame” for it. I don’t suffer from insomnia these days, I try to eat at the same time, and I go for a walk every single day. The other reason is Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, these are really pricey but I can definitely see an improvement in my skin condition.


Now everyday I take a walk before work as it takes me less than 40 minutes to get there.


I am loving everything turquoise and light blue right now which is not very original but I don’t really care.

Some of my nail polishes, eye liners and jewelery


I really love mixing my foundation with a bit of a darker foundation to make my complexion look healthy and not so pale.


I did a makeup on the most gorgeous woman… my Mum. She doesn’t wear makeup but she was going to an important event so she gave me a call and asked if I could do her makeup. Of course I said yes!

More Time

I’ve made a decision to spend less time on-line! And it’s so amazing! Now I have more time to do the things that I love doing: