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Concoction Hair Care Review: Shampoo, Serums and Conditioner

I am really impressed with this new innovative hair care range – Concoction.

The concept is simple yet brilliant! You choose your base shampoo, and so far, there are four variations: Lemon + Verbena,  Black Pepper +Citrus, Rosemary + Mint and Bakhour. [Each is £11 from Selfridges]

And then add two superserum shots  to the base you’ve chosen.  There are eight available so far; each is £1.50. There is a also a conditioner available – Crème De Concoction Conditioner: Cashmere + White Lily, £16.

Concoction Hair Care Review Shampoo, Serums and Conditioner

I was given a Nourish+ Protect Lemon + Verbena ShampYou  and two superserum shots:  Turn up the volume (wheat amino acid complex) and Back to your roots (Lavender and Chamomile extracts).

As you may know, I am very picky about my shampoo and this one really delivers! It leathers up nicely and leaves my hair clean, smooth and shiny. I think that it is perfectly balanced, nourishing, but without weighting the hair down. I also like the smell and, which is very important, the pump on the bottle, I think it is very