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Ins and Outs. December 2011

Although I usually tweet about the things that I currently like, people who don’t have Twitter asked me to post some updates from time to time. So here we go. I think Friday is  a perfect time for this!


Pan Am

Finally a TV show that I don’t just watch to see the makeup and clothes (hello GG)  but I also enjoy the plot  and  like the characters. And besides that I l-o-v-e the makeup and style. I am actually preparing a post about the show, about makeup mainly. And below you can see my favourite couple from the show – Kate and Niko.

There are only nine episodes available so far and I can’t wait to see the rest. If you’d like to watch a glamorous 60-s inspired show which is not very complicated plot-wise, this one is great!

Photo from Tumblr, not sure about the original  source unfortunately

The Song Of Fire And Ice

I am currently reading the fifth book from the series – A Dance With  The Dragons and I am loving it, of course. But will have to look for some new series to read when I finish these. Everyone is talking about the Hunger Games. Have you read? Thoughts?

Tea. Lots of Tea

I am a huge fan of tea and I drink it all the time. And these days my favourite is plain black with lemon, ginger and honey.  It’s an amazing one to drink in winter.

Just a random photo of tea...


Well, here I could go on and on. But I’ll just pick three things: