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Photo Of The Weekend. January 11th 2014

How hard  is it to go back to “reality” after all those holidays with lots of food and sleeping until the noon? Please don’t tell me that it’s only me…

Photo of the weekend 11 January 2014 hot chocolate and marshmallowsHot Chocolate with Marshmallows

I saw quite a few photos of this indulgence recently so had to make a cup for myself. I was enjoying it while making a list of beauty purchases for 2014. I have actually added some of them on Pinterest here already, but will add more in the future. If you read this post, you probably know that I want to make lists of my future purchases and stick to them.

Kersastase Styling

I am intrigued by these Kerastase styling products. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the line, so am curious to try it myself. I need something for