Tender Loving Skincare Blood Orange Candle. Review and Photos

I want to show you a perfect present for a winter time. Blood Orange Tender Loving Skincare  massage candle.

I really like it as  it is made of 100% natural body oils and butters.  It has a subtle and nice scent of orange which, as I’ve already said, is great for winter.

The candle has a clean and lovely design and also comes with the spatula which allows you to use the  melted wax.

It’s a pleasure to have a massage with this candle,  to tell the truth.  It feels really nourishing and moisturizing on the skin. Neck massage is a total bliss (this is the one I can do myself). Also… I think it’d make a great present for a couple 😉

You can also get Citrus & Spice, Wild Fig, Maple & Vanilla Bean and Lavender candles from Tender Loving Skincare. Each is 6oz and retails for £ 24.

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