The Best Grooming Products For Your Man

Father’s Day is just around the corner but what is even more important to me; it’s my  Father’s birthday tomorrow.

Both events inspired me to write this post. This is not really a Father’s Day gift guide as almost all the on-line shops have one, this is just a post about favourite grooming products of my men. By my men I mean my father,  male friend and my younger brother.

So a must have for my Dad is Vichy Capital Soleil Homme Body Spray with SPF30.

It is his second bottle actually. My Dad is not really a sun protection fan, he just has sun allergy so he must use a sun protection. I have big doubts he would bother if allergy was not the case. He tried a lot of sun protection products from Bioderma to La Roche-Posay and he says that this one is his favourite because it’s clear and not sticky so that he can use it on the go. Plus it’s a spray so it’s very easy to use.

Who knows, maybe you can convince your man to use a sun protection with a help of this product.

My friend loves his L’Oreal Professionnel shampoos.

He says that out of all the shampoo he’s ever tried these are the best.

There is a small but important detail that I should mention –  hair care is very important  for my friend and he won’t use just any hair product. So if he is such a fan, maybe you man would like this line, too. By the way, my brother  agrees that this line is the best he’s ever tried, too.

L’Oreal Professionnel have different shampoos for men so I believe you can find the one that will suit your man the best.

My brother’s pick was this Yves Saint Laurent cologne called La Nuit De L’Homme.

This makes me really happy as I am the one who got it for his Birthday and I am very happy that he liked it. To tell the truth, I like it myself a lot. As you may know, my knowledge (and interest) is very limited when it comes to perfumes/colognes but I think that women can wear this cologne, too.  At least I like it on myself.

Notes Top Note: Cardamom, Bergamot, Floral Notes. Middle Note: Cedar, Lavender, Aromatic Notes. Base Note: Vetiver, Coumarin.

It turned out that my brother likes YSL the best. Here is what he told me: I know that everyone thinks that Chanel is the epitome of luxury but I love YSL… everything about it”.

Interesting fact that I’ve noticed: if my father (age group 45-55) is not a  huge fan of grooming and all the idea of skincare for men, my friend (age group 25-35) would use  some things. But when it comes to my  younger brother (age group 18-25) he loves himself some grooming products, he would even use my face masks (he’d probably kill me for putting it out like that lol).

I am not claiming that it only depends on man’s age but I can definitely see that younger boys are more open minded about the skincare products and grooming in general.

And I like that unless they are trying to “borrow” my Elemis, ahem…

And what do you say? Do you get your “men” grooming products? What products do you think are a must have for man? What are you getting your Dad for the Father’s Day?


6 thoughts on “The Best Grooming Products For Your Man”

  1. Happy birthday to your father!

    I never buy grooming products for the men in my life as they just wouldn’t use them lol. But these products sound great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Does anyone know where can i find the capital solei homme body spray spf30?
    I stay in Greece,does any online store ship to Greece?

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