The Best Makeup Sharpener?

I have so many cosmetics sharpeners and have tried tones over the years, both high-end and cheap ones and I would like to share the one that I love the best.

And it is actually a big surprise, as it is very random. It’s an Oriflame sharpener which I have got ages ago (seven years?).

Although it looks a bit gross now, it still performs amazingly, which is the most important thing. It doesn’t break the pencils and you can get a pretty sharp result with it, which is very important when you want a crisp and fine line with your pencil.

The funny thing is that the Make-Up Artist that I had courses with in the past actually confessed that it was her favourite one, too. And that is saying a lot, as she works with MAC and is a die-hard fan of the brand.

Moreover,  I actually saw this Oriflame sharpener in an article called “Make-Up Artists Must Haves”, along with shu uemura eye lash curlers and some other products. Impressive, right?

I think I will have to get a replacement for my oldie sharpener.

By the way, I had high hopes for BECCA’s sharpener which I have bought a long time ago but I have never tried it because it got lost somewhere. I plan to re-organize my makeup soon, so hopefully will find it.

4 thoughts on “The Best Makeup Sharpener?”

  1. Thanks a lot for the informative post. I always find it hard finding makeup sharpener for my girlfriend. I always afraid of breakup because of my poor selection. I hope selecting makeup sharpener is not gonna problem anymore.

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