The Color of Innovation Fall 2010 Collection by Stila

The new Stila Fall 2010 collection is already available so be sure to check out their website for more information. Collection includes:

long wear lip liner, $18

  • Aspiring – neutral beige
  • Passionate – red
  • Charming – light rose
  • Obsessed – hot pink

#33 one step complexion brush, $32

backstage eye shadow palette, $28

  • Chiffon – shimmery peach
  • Flamingo – shimmery fuchsia
  • Pacific – metallic navy blue
  • Luster – metallic warm alloy
  • Poetic – shimmery mauve
  • Coal – cool metallic emerald

long wear liquid lip color, $22

  • Fiery – the perfect red
  • Caprice – hot pink
  • Patina – warm nude
  • Petal – pale pink

  • Coral – shimmery coral
  • Muse – natural mauve

stila travel girl palettes- pretty in paris, $10

Four eye shadows:

  • Crepe (pale pink)
  • Cherie (reddish brown)
  • Jolie (brownish pink)
  • Chocolat (brown)

Convertible Color:

  • Rosebud

one step correct, $36

glamoureyes mascara, $22

custom color blush, $20

One Step Correct sounds interesting, I’d also like to get the Petal gloss because I can never have too many pale pink lip products.

4 thoughts on “The Color of Innovation Fall 2010 Collection by Stila”

  1. I’ve heard one step correct works really nicely.. except it looks very strange and weird in the bottle. I might look into the travel palette..

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