The Ever-Changing Beauty Routine

Recently I was thinking about how my beauty habits and preferences changed over years… Looks like one of the best examples for that would be my nails.

I used to love really long and square shaped nails. On the first photo, which is from 2010, where I am wearing OPI’s Baby It’s Coal Outside,  they are not that long but you get the idea. The thought of cutting and filing down my nails  back then was horrifying.

Nails OPI and A England manicure makeup4all

And now  I can’t really imagine how and why I would go for the style above. These days I usually go for a short (for my nail shape) and round style.

On the second photo I am wearing A England’s Bridal Veil nail polish.

But some things never change… Like my love for dark, red and burgundy; nail polish and colour in general.

And what about you? Can you think of what things in your beauty routine you’ve changed over years?

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