The Minaudiere Dior. Dior Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

There is nothing that can be compared with the delight of seeing the new collection. I look at the photos and always think what I’d love to get for myself.  I was happy to find out that this livejournal published the photos of the new Dior collection. And looking at these photos I can really feel that it’s a holiday collection.

Star products of the collection – the Minaudiere palettes:

  • #001 Grey Golds ( brown, grey and ivory)
  • #002 Pink Golds (  maroon plum, grey with purple and light pink)


Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

  • #234 Pink Stiletto
  • #992 Black Lame

and 2 re-promoted

  • #756 Evening Rose
  • #982 Black-Tie Plum

Serum De Rouge(re promoted)

  • #640 Soft Pink,
  • #880 Plum


Dior Vernis

  • #226 Timeless Gold
  • #916 Czarina Gold
  • #943 Rouge Garconne ( re promoted)


Face primer for glowy skin Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in Gold

Dior Nude foundation (re promoted)

Eye shadows

  • 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow #001 Five Golds
  • #529 Endless Shine (Iridescent)

I will take a look at 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow #001 Five Golds, Serum de Rouge in 640 Soft Pink and Pink Stiletto gloss.

5 thoughts on “The Minaudiere Dior. Dior Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection”

  1. The collections this year have been particularly inventive and beautiful. When Chanel released the autumn Enigma collection, the gauntlet was tossed. Ever since then, the other brands have been rising to the challenge and coming out with equally gorgeous looks. Now, we’re looking at the holiday collections and it’s the same story: one stunning collection after another. What a great year for make-up!

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