The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Argan Oil Soap Review

A great thing about having your own website is the fact that you can write whatever and ¬†whenever you want. So today’s feature is inspired by my girlfriends. The thing is that I have been telling some of them how much I love this soap, so I would like to share with my readers and fellow beauty lovers, too.

A soap, really? Yes! I personally think that¬†The Scottish Fine Soaps are fantastic. The thing is that it almost feels like a cream, not a soap, so silky and smooth. Although, I use a body cream afterwards all the time, if your skin is not as dry as mine, most likely you won’t need it.

In fact, the other day I have finished all of my facial cleansers, and the new one was still on the way, so I risked and washed my face with this soap. And it felt ok, but I obviously wouldn’t recommend using it for the face.

And do I need to mention those awesome and cool packaging? These soaps would make a great present. Get it for someone you care about or for yourself.

There are so many different options/scents both for female and male customers. In fact, it may be hard choosing just one. I have Agran Oil one as I loved the blue tin, and it felt like a great option for dry skin. Also, it has a subtle scent which does not interfere with my perfume.

Also, you don’t have to get a tin every time, The Scottish Fine Company also sell refills. And other products besides the soaps ( I reviewed their body cream)

Find it at Amazon and Amazon UK.

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