theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette Review and Swatches. Rave

I’ve wanted theBalm luminizers  for as long as I remember (and by that I mean since they came out). I have swatched them several times  at the counter but couldn’t make up my mind on which one to get, and I could not justify getting all three considering how many products I already have.

This is why when I saw The Manizers palette  – I simply had to get it. This is a limited edition, as far as I know, so get it while you can. Yes, the single powders come in that gorgeous packaging but this cardboard  one is perfectly fine. It is sturdy and slim.

So what is so special about these powders?

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette Review and Swatches illuminators

First of all the texture, it is very smooth, soft and buttery, almost creamy, it melts into the skin. The pigmentation is also brilliant, you only need  one swipe. It is no wonder these babies are so loved by all the beauty enthusiasts.

Let’s take a closer look:


Mary-Lou Manizer

This is a gorgeous warm-toned golden highlighter. And it is not subtle by  any means, it gives you a proper glow,  instantly brightens and perks up the complexion. Use it on top of the cheek bones, upper lip and under the brow bone. It may be too intense for some people for a day time but if you love you some luminosity – it is perfection.

Cindy-Lou Manizer

This is the most subtle out of three, it is not so metallic, as the other two shades, it would work great for adding some definition/ peachy pink blush if you have a light skin tone, or as a highlighter if you have a darker skin.

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette Review and Swatches

Betty-Lou Manizer

This is a beautiful metallic bronzer which warms up the complexion and adds that glow, once again! It is described as a “sun-kissed glow” and it is exactly what it is. Can be also used as eye shadows (just like the other two shades).

Here are the swatches.  And I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photos, it is already dark when I come home, so I had to use several lamps at home, to make them [the pics] at least somehow decent. I just wanted to put up this feature before the palette is completely sold out.

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette Review and Swatches 1

Here is the list of the ingredients, for anyone who is curious about that.

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette Review and Swatches ingredientsI would definitely recommend this palette, get one for yourself and your bestie!

You can buy theBalm from Feel Unique and ASOS.

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