This Valentine’s I Want…

It’s my Birthday in 3 weeks and a lot of people are asking me about the presents. To tell the truth, I am not even sure what do I want.

And Valentine’s is tomorrow, not that I care but, hey, it’s just one more reason to give/get a present… So why not think of what I would like to get.

And here is what I would LOVE!

I should start by telling you that I love the scent of roses. This is strange because rose scent is usually loved by  those romantic souls and I am surely not one of them. But I still love the scent of roses.

So… It is a set with 2 candles which should reveal and release each other at once. The boxes feature two logo spaces that embrace to form a heart. The scents are Rose and Eros.

ROSE – Romantic melody of a garden rose. Its music unites Piaget Rose with the accords of Egyptian Basil essence, Blackcurrant, Violet and sweet and sensual Musks.

EROS – Imagine a dense and spicy wild rose. Rugosa Rose sings over accords of Myrrh essence, Laos Benzoin, Peru balm, Cedar and Sandalwood.

By the way, as I write it, I am wearing my Jo Malone Red Roses cologne, yummy!

The price is of the duo  is £55

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