Tom Ford Private Blend Candles. Would You Get Them?

Remember my post about candles?! So, I’ve already made an order and now am waiting for my Jonathan Ward London candles to arrive! Meanwhile lets take a look at the new Tom Ford candles.

Tom Ford Private Blend – Tuscan Leather Candle, $85

A chypre blend of notes brings a raw yet reserved sensuality to this original take on a classic leather scent. Saffron, raspberry and thyme open to olibanum and night-blooming jasmine. Leather, black suede and amber wood add an intricate richness. Create a mood and captivate the senses with the primal and supple essence of Tuscan Leather, Tom Ford’s sensual and sophisticated fragrance. Approx. burn time: 30 hours.

Tom Ford Private Blend  Oud Wood Candle, $85

Exotic rose wood and cardamom, blended with exuberant Chinese pepper, envelop the wearer in warmth. Eventually, the center exposes a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver. Finally, the creamy scents of tonka bean, vanilla and amber are revealed. Create a mood and captivate the senses with the scent of Oud Wood, a rare and exotic ingredient of incense-filled temples. Approx. burn time: 55 hours.

Tom Ford Private Blend  Tobacco Vanille Candle, $85

A modern take on an old-world men’s club. A smooth oriental, Tobacco Vanille opens immediately with opulent essences of tobacco leaf and aromatic spice notes. The heart unfolds with creamy tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla and cocoa, and finishes with a dry fruit accord, enriched with sweet wood sap. Create a mood and captivate the senses with the spice-infused aroma of Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford’s elegant interpretation of an English gentleman’s club. Approx. burn time: up to 35 hours.

You know, I can spend a lot when it comes to makeup and beauty but to tell the truth I am not sure if I would ever get myself a candle with such price (and here it would cost more than $85).   I also wonder why the have a different burn time and the price is still the same.

And would you get these? I am not sure if these are already available at  the UK but you can already get Tom Ford candles at Nordstorm.

10 thoughts on “Tom Ford Private Blend Candles. Would You Get Them?”

  1. Nope, I’m not into fancy candles 😀
    I think these cost ridiculously stupid, but people will always try to sell such stuff and I’m sure there will be people who will buy it just because it’s Tom Ford.

    There should be some line I think. 🙂

  2. wowow $85 for a candle?! But I have to admit, if I was ever in my life going to spend that much on a candle, it would probably be this one. I personally am not crazy about candles though (they tend to make me sneeze, but I do like making them myself), so my wallets safe from this one.

    1. Oh, wow, it must be fun! For some reason this week I’ve realized that I want a luxury candle so I’ve ordered myself one. Although it’s not $85 but it’s £20 which is not the cheapest 😉

  3. I could never justify that price for a candle. I have to say im happy with my yankee candle tarlets. My local shop sells them for a £1 each and they last ages. Plus the scents are amazing and last a long time 🙂

  4. Whoa. I make soy candles with killer fragrances. I’m sure Tom’s a lovely chap, but I have some devastatingly yummy scents…including one I’ve just added which incorporates leather, tobacco, woods, and a somewhat undefined but definitely sexy maleness. Um, the 11 oz. is only $16 US. Not Yankee, et al paraffin, not a blend, just all natural wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils. My “Leatherwood” is scrumptious. 🙂

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