Too Much Red? Red Lips and Nails Of The Day!

Apparently, I don’t know such thing, as “too much black”, or, for that matter, often “too much red”.

I have been drawn to red lipstick and nail polish combo for years and years now. But lately I’ve been wearing it non-stop, almost.

While I’ve started “doing red nails”  just when I started wearing  polish in general, it took me some time to get used to red lipstick, and thank God. A teen with an (often badly applied) red lipstick is not the best sight ever, you know?!

Red lipstick by Lancome and Red nail polish by Revlon makeup swatch

Yes, I do wear it all with a red shirt. Did I mention too much red already?  But don’t worry, at least I did not pack on red liner or anything like that…

My favourite red lipstick (ever?) has to be Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge  in 160 Rouge Hypnose which I have mentioned numerous times, as I adore it so much.

As for the nail polish, I still have to find a Holy Grail one. But in terms of colour (it’s a beautiful classic red)  it has to be Revlon’s Revlon Red 680, I have used half of the bottle already.

And do you love red? What are your favourite products?

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