Top 3 Luxury Face Masks

Wearing a mask is our new reality. So you may as well like the one you  choose to get.  While it would be incredible not to need one at all (not to have the virus, I mean),  more and more brands are releasing masks.

And, not gonna lie, I not so secretly love looking at what other people are wearing.  I have seen it all already,  it seems, from favourite football clubs to the flags of the countries, you name it.

You can honesty find  pretty much everything you can think of, depending on your taste and budget.

Here are three options  which I chose, they all are high end, and have a £30+ price tag.

Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Pollution Mask, £36  here

Holistic Silk is the brand I really love, and all their products (which I have tried) are high  quality. Besides, they had face masks before the pandemic. I love that fact that they have both simple and colourful designs. While £36 is not cheap, silk is a real game changer when it comes to wearing a mask on your face.  Especially when  it’s hot and you have to keep it on for hours. You can also get 2 carbon inserts for £5.

Slip Reusable Silk Face Covering by Slip, £39 here

Another mulberry silk face mask, you can choose from black, pink and leopard.

Liberty London Assorted Upcycled Tana Lawn™ Cotton Face Coverings Set of Five, £40 here

These are treated to be water-repellent and breathable, apparently. And they come in a pack of 5 so that you don’t have to wash your mask every day.  And how can you now like the iconic Liberty London prints?

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