Travalo Perfume Atomiser. Review and Photos

Travalo probably doesn’t even need to be introduced! It’s a simply genius  perfume atomiser which allows you to take your favourite perfumes with you!

It is  really small and brilliant for taking with you, as it is only 8cm and 12g, but, at the same, time  packs over 50 sprays!

For some reason wanted the photos to look festive, not sure it worked though ))

Travalo is also available in a lot of different shades but I like the black version (of course) and would probably also get the red one in the future.  Here is how it looks like.

How to use it? It’s very easy actually!

You just have to remove the spray head from the perfume bottle, place the Travalo on top of it and pump it up and down. As it is show on the photo with Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir.

Travalo would make an amazing present for a friend who has a lot of perfumes of for yourself if you love using your perfume during the day and don’t want to carry the whole bottle with you.

It retails for £9.99 but you can get it for £6.99 only at CheapSmells.

PS.  This golden background looks overwhelming, will definitely use a plain white next time…

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