Travel Makeup Bag and Photos of Hungary

I get a lot of requests for more personal posts and for more photos of myself…

Since I was away for two weeks (Yes, this is why I wasn’t that active on Makeup4all’s social media accounts, I just did not have time)  in Hungary to attended several seminars and studies ( nothing to do with beauty; but what I do in life, FYI) I’ve decided to try.

I thought that I’d show you a photo of the makeup that I took with me first. It is a lot more than any personal would need for two weeks. But to justify myself a) I wanted  to have options b) people often ask me for tips and mini-makeovers when they find out that I also do makeup in my free time.

Makeup4all Hungary makeup bag

Although I was always very tired, as I did have an intense program, spent more money than I should have,  managed to learn just about five Hungarian words, I absolutely loved my experience.  Not only I’ve had a very productive  time,  I also met some amazing people,  and somehow managed to find more time for sports, such as running and swimming, than I have at home.  Plus I did see quite a few beautiful places in the country…

My top three places/things would have to be:

Makeup4all Hungary photos Esztergom Bazilika and Szecheny baths

  • Szechenyi baths – a must-visit if you are in Budapest, with 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools supplied by two thermal springs, situated in an old and gorgeous building, it won’t leave your disappointed.  I personally  had  only four hours there which was not enough, of course.
  • Esztergom bazilika – third largest church in Europe (after St Peter’s in Rome and St Paul’s in London), it is unbelievable. I was very lucky to have an excursion with an amazing guide, and was fascinated by it’s history.
  • Danube – the river is not only in Hungary, obviously, but in some places in the country it was just breathtaking. I’ve tried to swim whenever I had a chance to do so.

Makeup4all Hungary flag and Danube

I also have to mention old yellow underground line, Erős Pista, Pest and the soaps with paprika, among other things.

I really do hope that you’ve enjoyed this post, as it took me over an hour to write  it. Which, once again, proves that I am not good at sharing personal stories, and should definitely stick to the reviews 🙂

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