Trish McEvoy Effortless Eyes Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Trio and Golden Face Color Trio

I am really loving these new Trish McEvoy  trio eye shadows and face palette. I think they would make an amazing gift even for those who already have it all as Trish’s brand is not that easily available so it’s quite exclusive plus it looks adorable.

There are two colour variations of Effortless Eyes Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Trio in Lilac and Nude. These are handmade in Italy. Each is $42 and they are sold without the makeup case.

There is also this gorgeous Golden Face Color Trio which includes  Golden and Golden Tan Bronzers and  Blush Natural. It retails for $38.

5 thoughts on “Trish McEvoy Effortless Eyes Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Trio and Golden Face Color Trio”

  1. i bought the bronzer and returned it as i am not a big bronzer girl and have a ton of blush. i have the nude (shown top here) eyes and almost returned it due to lack of pigment until i watched a video by trish mcevoy and realized how to use it. it is sheer…like a watercolor painting. when you start mixing the colors (esp. the darker one) you get some nice sheer but sparkly options and variation. i suggest you keep playing with it. i decided to keep mine and am happy now.

    1. Hi mt,
      I want to watch the video you have mentioned now :). Maybe you have a link please? By the way, I have one of Trish’s bronzers and I really love it!

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