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Trish McEvoy Fall Makeup Collection Review and Swatches

I was given  some products from Trish McEvoy’s Fall makeup collection to try out.

Here is what I have: Medium Refillable Double–Decker Compact  £12/$18 with Soft Grey Eye Shadow £12/$16, Deluxe Eye Shadow in French Vanilla,  Golden Bronzer, £22/$32, and Brush 62 Fan £28/$36.

I really like the Double-Decker Compact as I have already said. It is very convenient for storing your makeup. In the medium size you can have one blush and one bronzer, or four deluxe eye shadows, or eight eye shadows.

As for the eye shadows, it is often hard to find matte eye shadows with a decent quality so I was happy about these. They are soft and smooth, I don’t have any problems with the application or blending. Both Soft Grey and French Vanilla are very chic and wearable shades. I really loved pairing them with bright bold lips.

French Vanilla is a great all-over shade and it almost matches my skin tone.  Soft Great is a nice shade to use in the outer corner or for a delicate  smoky eye. Such shades would look great on those who prefer a natural, barely there look.

The bronzer is lovely as well. The best thing about it is that it works great with light and even fair skin tones. It  blends beautifully into the skin and gives a healthy look, nothing orangy or muddy here. It has a delicate shimmer but nothing over the top.  I like using it instead of a blush  or for light contouring.

The fan brush is probably my favourite item. It is very soft and gentle and I love how it applies bronzers and highlighters. It helps to create a nice and subtle  effect and is good for precise application.  It should also work nice for applying a thin layer of powder. Definitely a great brush to have in your collection!

I have one brush, I’ve just combined two photos

I would recommend all the products but I personally love brush the best.

Where to buy Trish McEvoy?  From Selfridges, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

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