Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk

I admire people who can write about  perfumes in both interesting and informative way. Those (few) people can describe the notes in an absolutely magical way, you can almost imagine the scent and you really want to try it.

Unfortunately, I am not even close… But I just have to share about the scent that I’ve been loving a lot lately!

I was indifferent when it came to perfumes for the most of my life and got interested only recently so I don’t have that many bottles of perfumes but from those that I have my favourites are Paco Rabanne Black XS which is  a mainstream and Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise and Red Rose which are  not that rare, too.

Recently I’ve discovered a perfume that totally won my heart and I’ve been wearing it non-stop!

It is by Trish McEvoy and is called Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk.

It is described as:

” Seductive. The deliciousness of #9 infused with rich, commanding sensuality. Amazon lilies, the intoxicating scent of patchouli and the warmth of amber conjure a woman at the peak of her powers.”

I actually have a small sample of the original N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk which is described as:

“Sassy. An irresistibly inviting blend of sweet blackberries and vanilla mixed with the warm aromas of musk and white rose.”

I simply adore both and I think they are perfect  for Autumn. Both warm and comfy to wear, sweet enough but not overwhelming. I always carry mine in my purse now.

I would highly recommend this fragrance if you like vanilla, blackberry, roses and musk.

The price is $25 in the US. I can’t see this exact size at Selfridges on-line but 15 ml retails for £38.

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  1. Mmm that sounds yummy!! Rollerball fragrances are my favorite since I don’t wear perfume too often. I was looking at her products a few days ago and was wondering about the scents!

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