Tromborg Aroma Therapy Body Oil Lavender Rose Tree Review

I have posted about my gorgeous Tromborg Aroma Therapy Body Oil Lavender Rose Tree over at my Instagram a while ago, and it is about time I share about it.

The oil comes in a luxurious heavy glass bottle which I really like. I just have to be very careful not to drop it on the floor. 

And the scent is just to die for, it is like my dream scent, roses with lavender, it definitely helps to relax and unwind in the evenings. While there are several ways you can use the oil, my personal favourite is to use several drops and massage my shoulders and neck, I also like using it as a cuticle oil. Besides this, I like adding some to a scent-free body lotion, or when I feel like spoiling myself, I use it all over the body on its own for a smoothing and softening effect, and a beautiful aroma. Another important thing to mention – this oil does not feel greasy, sticky or heavy.

Tromborg also suggest using it as a bath oil (but I’d rather use it on my body, and use my Aromatherapy Associates oil in the bath instead) and to massage the face which I am yet to try.

Here is the list of the ingredients.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this oil, as a luxurious treat. Maybe, if you find it to be too expensive to get for yourself, get it for someone special you know. There are other scents to choose from, too.

Tromborg is a high-end Danish brand which offers skincare, aromatherapy products and colour cosmetics.  Unfortunately, it may be hard to find the brand outside Denmark but you can try Amazon.

The price of the oil mentioned in the review is DKK 380 for 100 ml (that is about £43/$56)


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