Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners Jackpot Set. Was it Worth Getting it?

I wrote about the Urban Decay Jackpot 24/7 eye liner set a looong time ago, back in September 201o. Since than I knew that I had to get it.

What for and why?

Well, it was only $39 and I though it was a great value for so many colours. And no, I don’t really need this set for my personal use, as most of the days I would just use my brown Lancome or Daniel Sandler¬† eye pencil.

I have to say that it was so hard to find it. I was misinformed that this set won’t be available in the UK and EU. As it turned out, it WAS available in the EU but when I found that out, the set was almost sold out. I was trying to track it down for ages and, unfortunately, the brand wasn’t very helpful when I was asking several times where I could buy it.

Finally I’ve made up my mind to get it from the US. So¬† my friend got it for me this May. I got it because I was getting other things, not on its own.

Excuse me for such a long introduction but I just had to share.

Here is how the mini-pencils look like compared with the travel and full size versions.

These are tiny actually but since I won’t use them that often I think they will last me for a long time.

Here are the shades from the set and the description from the UD website:

Zero, black
Mildew, deep green
Stash, dark green with gold shimmer
Gunmetal, gunmetal with teeny silver glitter
El Dorado, gold
Whiskey, rich brown
Rockstar, darkest eggplant
Ransom, bright iridescent purple
Binge, navy blue
Electric, bright aquamarine

Swatched in the same order, the last two are Flipside compared with Electric.

Since I already wrote a review about the Urban Decay liners, you can read it here.

As for this set, I am actually happy that I’ve got it. But next time I won’t spend so much effort on getting any product.

Maybe you can still get this set in some EU Sephoras but I am not sure. But if you want an UD eye shadow set – you can get this one.

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