Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yes, Now I Have It, Too


Can you guess what I’ve got? Well, I guess you can if you’ve read the name of this post 😉 I wanted to write something like “I’ve got Naked or similar” but I don’t want to attract any perverts.

So yes… I’ve got myself a Naked palette!


I do a lot of makeovers in my free time both for weddings, special occasions and just for my friends so I though it would save a lot of space in my kit.  And yes, let me tell you, it’s a great palette to have with you. Plus a lot of girls love it and some are even asking if I have the Naked palette.

See what I mean? And how gorgeous is my model, right?!

long prom dresses UKMy personal neutral palette is Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and I really like that there are three matte shades and the colours in general. I also plan to get this palette from Too Faced soon.

But I am happy with my Naked palette. There are so many things that I love that I will just point out the things that I don’t like that much: some shades have too much shimmer/glitter, I personally wish  there were more matte shades, the  palette gets dirty soon because of the material it was made of.

And here are the eye shadows swatched

Although I don’t understand why it is getting so much hype, I do agree that it’s a great palette to have. I’ve got mine for £35.

Buy if from Feel Unique.

And do you have Naked? Why did you get it?


7 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yes, Now I Have It, Too”

  1. I have the Naked palette and the sole reason I got it was because of all the hype! I don’t know why it’s so hyped up, I love and prefer my Too Faced Natural Eye to Naked any day to be honest 🙂

  2. I love my Naked palette too – I guess I would have gotten it even without the hype, or maybe opted for a similar one from another brand, it seems that everyone is doing a neutral palette these days. I was thinking about the Too Faced one too! x

  3. Haha I have to admit I fell for the hype but as you have said, its a good palette. I do find it a little warm for me and not very portable (after I’d raved on about it) but the price can’t be beat for what you get 🙂 Glad you finally got it and your model is so cute!

  4. I got myself the Naked palette because it is a good deal, high quality eyshadows and I like to wear neutral looks, especially for work. I like it a lot, but would use it more if it had more cool shades and mattes. My favorite neutral palette is Dior Coquette Dentelle (sadly, a limited edition). I will definitely check Chanel Prelude quad (new for this autumn) as all four shades are cool.

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