Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows Vol III. Review and Swatches

At last I am writing a review about my NYC palette which I got 3 weeks ago from Debenhams for £30 and which you can now get at Sephora.  I already have BOS II and Alice palette.The only one that is missing is the original BOS palette.

This is how it looks like and, unfortunately, it got even bigger than the last palettes.

Here is the list of shadows and the description of the palette.

This is how it looks like inside

The  eye shadows (16 x 0.03 oz):

Perversion (matte black)

Uzi (metallic white with chunky silver glitter)

Loaded (sparkly emerald green)

Kush (green metallic with silver glitter)

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige with glitter)

Last Call (plum punch)

Rockstar (deep red-purple with metallic base)

Money (metallic light green)

Haight (deep teal)

Maui Wowie (medium gold with silver glitter)

Smog (deep coppery bronze)

Bordello (pale pink-purple with shift)

Radium (bright blue)

Snactch(pale peach with golden sparkle)

Suspect (sheer sparkly beige)

Psychedelic Sister (vibrant purple)

You also get:

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (2 x 0.03 oz)

  • Ransom (bright iridescent purple)
  • Zero (black)

Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion(0.13 oz)

The swatches which could be better of course. They are in the same order as in the palette and the last 4 shades are on top.

My favourite shades are: Loaded and Smog.

And here are some of my thoughts about this palette.

What I like:

  • I think £30 is a great price for 16 shades, 2 mini eye liners and a mini primer potion.
  • The eye shadows,  I don’t have similar shades for several of them so it was a good investment.
  • The quality of the products is great! But all the UD products that I have (and I have quite a lot) are pretty much amazing.
  • It’g great having new  shades in this palette such as:  Kush, Radium, Loaded, Money, Suspect, Rockstar and Bordello.

What I don’t like:

  • The package is huge, even wider than the Alice palette and BOS #2. I may deppot my shadows because I don’t really care about the package. Yes, I know that most of you probably love the lights and the NYC design but I am indifferent. It’s a great palette to have it home but  can be a problem taking it with you when you have a lot of other products.

Anyway, I think you should get this palette if you want a lot of products with the great quality for a normal price. Also if you like NYC and design like this. And I am personally happy that I got mine! And  stay tuned for the review of the Black palette ;)

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  1. Gorgeous! I don’t have anything from Urban Decay but I am thinking of getting something because the colours and the packaging are amazing!

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