Urban Decay Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

Remember the preview of Urban Decay Spring 2011? The whole collection is already available at the US website. But who knows when we will have it here…

15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set ($264), $92

6 Brand new shades:

  1. Asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple)
  2. Corrupt (dark metallic brown with silver sparkle)
  3. Midnight Cowboy (beige with gold sparkle)
  4. Perversion (blackest carbon black)
  5. Stray Dog (shimmery brown taupe)
  6. Uzi (gunmetal with grey sparkle)

Other shades:

  1. Baked (bold bronze)
  2. Binge(navy blue)
  3. Bourbon(brown with teeny gold glitter)
  4. Electric (bright aquamarine)
  5. Mildew (deep green)
  6. Ransom (bright iridescent purple)
  7. Rockstar (darkest eggplant)
  8. Stash (dark green/gold)
  9. Zero (black)

Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint, $24

“Sheer, buildable cheek tints that glide on and feel weightless . And you’ll never get that powdery, cakey look that sometimes comes from powder blush. The formula is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, so your skin gets nourished and protected. ”

  • Bang, bright orange
  • Crush, bright pink
  • Fetish, rose pink
  • Greedy, berry
  • Indecent, peach
  • Quickie, light pink
  • Score, pink-peach with gold shift

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil, $20

“They’re crease-proof, they’re waterproof… it’s the next generation of 24/7 Pencils! The Shadow Pencils deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The new fat shape allows you to cover large areas more quickly. Use the thin tip as eyeliner, or the side of the tip as a generous swipe of eyeshadow. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free.”

  • Barracuda, black with silver sparkle
  • Clash, bright turquoise with silver sparkle
  • Clinic, emerald green with silver sparkle
  • Delinquent, dark purple with bright purple sparkle
  • Lit, golden bronze
  • Mercury, gunmetal
  • Midnight Cowboy, beige with silver sparkle
  • Morphine, light purple with pale blue shift
  • Narc,  mossy green
  • Rehab, taupe
  • Sin, champagne
  • Wasteland, dark brown

24/7 Shadow Pencil Blending Brush, $16

It is  designed specifically for the 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils.

Lush Lash System, $42

Yet another lash conditioner.

“The clear gel-like serum accelerates the growth of your lashes with peptides. Use the tiny brush to apply it at your lash line. It penetrates at the root and stimulates keratin to lengthen, thicken and fortify your lashes. Simply brush it on each night before bed. The conditioning mask applies with a wand and loads your lashes with growth peptides and high potency ingredients like Panthenol and Vitamin E. Your conditioned lashes can now resist loss and breakage from being too dry and brittle. ”

Supercurl Curling Mascara, $20

False Lash Mascara, $18

Formulated for False eye lashes.

There will be also a new Primer Potion in Greed which was already available in a set and 2 new 24/7 lip liners in Midnight Cowboy and Illegal.

Anything you’d like to get?

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Spring 2010 Makeup Collection”

  1. “Anything you’d like to get?”

    Just almost everything ^^’
    The pencils set & the shadows pencils looks amazing 😀

    I wish I could find every producst here in France 🙁

    1. Hi, Auré. Thank you for visiting 🙂
      These products will be available at some on-line EU and UK shops later. HQHair.com I believe should have these sets.

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