Use It Up: Body Creams, Butters and Lotions

I was on a “use it up” project during the last two months! I have a lot of beauty products and I’ve decided to stop buying any new, until I finish up at least some.

So here is the picture of only some of the body products that I’ve used up, even more are almost finished now.  And some new creams are actually on their way to me, as I’ve decided that it was about time I get something new.

Unfortunately, with my very dry skin, body butter/cream/lotion is not an option, it’s a necessity. That’s why I always have a lot of body products around, I like options, remember?

So here are those that I’ve used up recently.  This is just an overview, not a  detailed review, so to read about each product – click the links I’ve included.

Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion

This is the one I took with me on my summer holiday last year so this scent is very special to me now. It is uplifting and energizing,  I really loved using it in the morning or after the workout (after the shower, obviously).  Would definitely recommend this scent and I personally want to try other lines from the brand.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream

Fresh Brown Sugar line has already a lot of loyal followers. The scent is absolutely amazing and it never fails to improve my mood, the texture is moisturising without being greasy.  A very lovely cream!

Korres Fig Body Butter

I have tried several Korres body products and this scent, so far, is my favourite. I also really love the fact that it stays on for some time.  Since it is a butter, the formula is richer so it works great for drier skin. I also have a shower gel with this scent.

Korres Jasmine Body Milk

I’ve had both butter and lotion with jasmine and they both were lovely. Lotion is a nice option for warmer weather and  for people that like lighter textures.  If you love jasmine  – this is a must have, as the fragrance is amazing and stays on really well. Read more about it here.

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

I am already using my second tube of this product and often I pair it with the Clarins Oil, as the brand suggests. It sinks into the skin within seconds and leaves it silky smooth.

And what are your favourite body products? What would you recommend?

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