Used Up Products: Elemis, Clarins, Vichy, Apivita. LUSH, Lancome and Philip Kingsley

I actually love  seeing what products other people finished and what products they re-purchased (even more). So I thought I’d show you some of the products that I have finished.

Although I love trying new products very much, some I re-purchase, as I find them to be amazing. Unfortunately, I have already thrown away most of the packages but here is what is left.

Two Shampoos

Vichy Dercos Shampooing Treatment Oil Control

I actually really liked this for summer as it cleaned my hair nicely without stripping it. I would re-purchase but I have already ordered a Cowshed shampoo which I’ve wanted to try for a long time already.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo

Unfortunately, this shampoo did not work for me because my hair got greasy after about 1.5 days which was not good at all.  I would try other shampoo from the range but would not get this one again. I am actually taking PK vitamins for hair for the second month already (the course is four months) and I think I can see some improvements already. But will update on that in September.

Two Elemis products

Elemis tranquil Touch Body Polish (review here)

I had to cut the packaging to get every single drop of this product. I have actually purchased the second tube already. Next time I plan to get their mint scrub as it’s the only scrub from the brand I haven’t tried yet. Their Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is brilliant, too.

Elemis  Treat Your Feet Foot Cream (review here)

This has to be the best foot cream I have ever tried! It is very effective and the scent is to die for. Whenever I use it and someone is around, I always get asked about it. And, yes, I have ordered one more tube last week. I highly recommend!

Face Products

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (read review here)

The tube that is on the photo is the new one actually as I haven already thrown away the old one. It is actually my third tube! Now, it is not my all time favourite Clarins product but I find that for the price (around £10) it is very nice and works great for me. I will tell you about their cleanser which I like more (and which is more expensive, obviously) later.

Lancome  Creme Radiance Cream-To-Foam Cleanser

This is a nice cleanser which did not dry the skin out and  left it clean and fresh.

Apivita Radiance Natural Serum (read review here)

I will be definitely re-purchasing this serum in the future (probably for Autumn/Winter) as I find that it really works. It does leave the skin radiant and glowing.

Body Product

LUSH Rub Rub Rub (read review here)

This is a lovely multi-purpose product which is not harsh and foams nicely. But next time I’d like to try solid LUSH scrubs.

 And what products have you re-purchased? Or you love trying something new each time?

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