Veneration by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Yesterday I found out 2 great news. 1) Rouge Bunny Rouge published information about their new look Veneration and 2) Free European Delivery with orders over £60. Code: RBR at zuneta (until Monday 19/04/2010) where you can get Rouge Bunny Rouge! (exclusively)

“Now it’s time to try our extensive range of eye colours and to use some of our highlighting products to create your very own divine, radiant look – Veneration. Our colourful spring- and pearl-inspired make-up underlines delicate skin and gives you the feeling of a crisp bloom.

There is always something special about using our multipurpose water-based Highlighting Liquid – this dream-in-a-bottle spreads liquid pearls wherever you choose to reflect the light. The moisturising combination of our Aqua Primer and Highlighting Liquid gives you the base for your complete face and body to enliven winter-tired skin. The gorgeous result is a dewy appearance with an all-over wash of pearls. In addition you can contour your cheeks with the barest hint of our Original Skin Blush – you will look sublimely refined and urbanely elegant.

The time defying exotic enigma of our Long-lasting Eye Shadow creates pure dynamic iridescence while maintaining second skin effect. Discover a new powder eye shadow with an astonishingly lightweight, creamy touch and unprecedented adherence. Celebrate the spring with us, with our rakish colours like a firefly festival and Loose Glitter Pigments to dust over our eye shadows. The fiery lava dust will gift you with the playful mischief of a fluttering firefly and the intense brightness of the blossoms’ luminescent shades.

The perfect combination with the colourful look is a pale but depth-creating Lip Gloss that will veil your lips in voluptuous shine and a euphoric medley of temptations.”

Used products:

Face & Body

  • SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid (colour ‘Sea of Showers’)
  • SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturiser (colour ‘Adansonia’)
  • FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand (colour ‘Orionis’)


  • FOR LOVE OF ROSES Original Skin Blush (colour ‘Delicata’)


  • FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigments (colours ‘Eaten all the Cherries’, ‘Wishing for Wings’, ‘Spun From Sunny Seawater’)
  • WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING Long-lasting Eye Shadow (colours ‘Alabaster Starling’, ‘Resplendent Quetzal’ and ‘Mountain Bluebird’)
  • FELINE GAZE Eye Khol (colour ‘Salome’)
  • WITCHERY Modelling Mascara (colour ‘Midnight’)


  • GLEAMING TEMPTATIONS Lip Gloss (colour ‘Inflammable)

7 thoughts on “Veneration by Rouge Bunny Rouge”

    1. YES! And you need it, too 😛
      By the way, I read about the brand and it’s so hard to find out if it is English or Russian, but sounds like Russian 0_o

  1. I’m not sure I’d do the turquoise all the way out to the temple 😉 but I love the combination of colours. The RBR eyeshadows are gorgeous, beautiful colours, nicely pigmented and very blendable.

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