Victoria’s Secret Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

I was browsing Victoria’s Secret bikinis on the weekend (there are at least 5 designs that I liked and which I am tempted to get) and have noticed that they have a new makeup collection.

I’ve never tried anything from the VS  beauty range as it’s not that easy to get it here but I would like to try the glosses from this  new collection.

So this range includes:

Baked Mineral Shadow Quad in LL2 exotic escape (Pink/Neutrals), C44 Secluded Lagoon (teal/neutrals), $15

VS TIP: Wear it wet for a bold metallic look. Wear it dry for a soft, shimmering finish.

Luminous Cheek & Face Highlighter in 267 Bronze Rays and LL2 Sea Shells, $14

VS TIP: For a sultry glow, apply directly to cheeks, chin or forehead and blend with fingertips.

Brilliant Lip Shine, L76 Rock Me, L72 Torrid, $10

VS TIP: Build to your desired level of shine and color by applying in light layers.

Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder Powder, $16

VS TIP: Sweep brush across bronzer, then apply to nose, cheeks and forehead and anywhere else you want a boost of color.

Bronzer Brush, $12

VS TIP: This brush is shaped to create the perfect “sun-kissed” effect. Swirl it over bronzer, tap off excess powder, then apply to cheeks, chin and forehead.

And do you like the VS beauty range? Do you order clothes at VS? I’ve never ordered a swimming suit  on-line so I am a bit afraid to get the wrong size but I guess I will have to take a risk.

7 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Summer 2011 Makeup Collection”

  1. I haven’t tried VS makeup line, but I have bought other beauty brands, like Beauty Rush and Liplicious from their website. And I have ordered clothes from their site several times, but not swimwear. I bought mostly summer tops and sweaters and they all fit me well.

    And back to this LE collection, being an eyeshadow person, I would love to try their baked eyeshadow quad. Love the pinks and browns combination.

  2. I have ordered some lingerie/underwear from them. I have a couple friends that ordered swimwear from them and they LOVED what they got. They said that they have a really good return policy, and they fit really well.

    The lingerie that I got was really nice, and the fit was perfect, so I wouldn’t hesitate to try their swimwear out if you liked some of their designs. I haven’t heard a bad thing about their online service.

  3. I got there baked quads from last year.And the pigmentation is so mucy better then the normal quads.
    Love VS ,havent ordered any swim wear from them,have done clothes and lingerie. Got a bra in the sales but it didnt fit. I didnt send it back as uk customs would just charge me again when a replacement came 🙁

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