Want It: A England British Subcultures Nail Varnish Collection

A England is one of a kind brand, not only their nail polishes are ridiculously gorgeous but the stories behind them are fascinating.  It was a pleasure to interview the founder Adina (read it here) a while ago, and I am always looking forward to the new releases.

And this time the brand outdone itself, in my opinion, the new British Subcultures collection makes my heart beat faster. I found it mind blowing how Adina managed to  visualise a certain subculture with a colour, this is pure art, I am telling you.

Above you can see Goth shade, and here is what is posted on the brand’s Facebook about it: “GOTH  one of my best-loved among the British Subcultures. The goth subculture began in England during the early 1980s. This mostly aesthetic subculture includes dark attire (often black) and is marked by an antiquated style that is eerie, mysterious, complex and pulls heavily from the Victorian period. Both male and female goths are known to wear dark eyeliner and nail polish.
BLACK/RED. Twilight black with a red nuance and additional iridescent glimmer.”

I have chosen goth because I also love the aesthetics (and not only) of this subculture, and that shade sounds divine.

As you would expect, there are also  such shades as: Punk (Bright Green with flaming holo), Skinhead (Indigo Blue with flaming prismatic holo), New Romantic (Deep violet
with myriad flaming holo reflections),  Swinging London (Pale Olive Green,
with golden undertones and accent of flaming holo), MOD (Dark army Green
Fired up by our flaming holo).

I wish there was  a shade-tribute to an extreme metal culture and bands like Carcass and Napalm Death, a red or burgundy, one but it [the collection] is still perfect. Bravo!

The collection is not out yet but I cannot wait. And there is also a collection dedicated to London.

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