Want It: ArtDeco Cream Rouge For Cheeks and Lips

I have no idea how it happened,  but somehow I’ve missed the fact that ArtDeco released cream 2-in-1 blushers and lip products.

The brand describes them as cream-to-powder compacts with a silky, wax and oil based, texture with great pigmentation. Free of fragrances, parabens, talc and silicon.

ArtDeco Cream Rouge For Cheeks and Lips all shadesI personally rate ArtDeco products highly and have to

 check out these blushers, as soon as possible.

The shades, as shown above, are: 10 Creamy Pink, 17 Creamy Mauve,  32 Creamy Rose, 22 Creamy Tanned Blush, 38 Creamy Nude and

44 Creamy Orange.

I like  four shades,  at least on the promo. They should be  around €12 and I am determined to buy at least one. Now, I have to find where first (hope these were not LE and were not sold out), so wish me luck!

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