Want It: BEETLEJUICE Nail Polish Collection from Models Own

Hello, how gorgeous are these Models Own nail polishes?!

This collection is called Beetlejuice and includes five nail polishes. Each bottle contains four ‘pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade for an optimum high finish.’ The shades were inspired by the wings of the beetle and they mimic  their complex duo-chrome colour.

The shades are:

  • Golden Green, a fresh energetic acid;
  • Pinky Brown, a warm rusty pink;
  • Purple Blue, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo;
  • Aqua Violet, a true sky shimmer;
  •  Emerald Black, a bold blackened midnight peacock.

Want to see the swatches? Click here.

I think I like the fourth shade the best. These are available from November from Models Own website. Each is £5.

3 responses to “Want It: BEETLEJUICE Nail Polish Collection from Models Own”

  1. I’m wearing Aqua Violet right now! I was disappointed when I applied it last night, because the colour looked quite thin and a bit streaky with two coats – did a third on one finger, but it made no difference. But today in daylight it looks fantastic and the thinness doesn’t show up at a normal length (not right in front of the eye), because of the shine. The dual colour play is amazing! Two really beautiful colours together.

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