Want It: Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

I have to say that I really want to try the new Lip products by Clarins which will be a part of their summer 2011 makeup collection called Mosaique.

Here is the promo photo and the bronzer from the collection which is called Mosaique Summer Bronzing Compact SPF 10, £ 26

And as for the lip products – I really want those Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm (£16.50) which were so popular that Clarins made a re-promoting of them. There are three shades: Crystal Coral, Crystal and Crystal Red. They all look amazing!

And there are also the new

Colour Quench Lip Balms, £15 (permanent)  01 Pink Marshmallow, 02 Peach Nectar, 03 Candy Pink, 04 Raspberry Smoothie, 05 Delicious Plum, 06 Sweet Papaya, 07 Strawberry Sorbet, 08 Sweet Fig. Aren’t these gorgeous as well?

01 Pink Marshmallow and 03 Candy Pink look like the shades I would love. This collection also includes a Wonder Waterproof Mascara, Waterproof Eye pencil and Fix’ makeup, and is already out!

4 thoughts on “Want It: Clarins Mosaique Makeup Collection for Summer 2011”

  1. I wanted the Mosaicque bronzing compact… because it looks so pretty! But we don’t get this collection here – boo! Asians just aren’t into bronzing. The lip products do look interesting though. I used to like the old version of the Colour Quench Lip Balms. Would be good to see how the new ones compare.

  2. At first I was interested in the bronzer, but I saw it at the counter and the top layer is only overspray, under it it’s pretty much just one colour. Plus it’s massive, so I really don’t need it (I don’t even use bronzer much).

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