Want It: Collistar Ti Amo Italia Spring 2014 Makeup Collection by Antonio Marras

Today I want to share a preview of Collistar’s Spring 2014 makeup collection, which is a collaboration with a famous fashion designer Antonio Marras. It is called Ti Amo Italia and is inspired by  Marras’ homeland Sardinia.

The brand describe it [collection] as “spontaneous, creative, intelligent, vibrant, seductive, passionate and exciting.” And, to tell the truth, I think this is among my favourite seasonal collections.

In fact, I have several products that I plan to check out in person, and, hopefully, purchase. If they are as good in real life, as they are on the promos.

Collistar Ti Amo Italia makeup collection by Antonio Marras

There are actually a lot of products to choose from:

Amore: Bonne Mine Effect Bronzer- Blusher (LE) in Verona and Tropea.

Can be used as a bronzer, blusher or mixed together, it is a star product of the collection.

Collistar Antonio Marras Amore Bonne Mine Effect Bronzer- Blusher spring 2014

Crema di Sole Bronzing Cream-Powder SPF15 in Siena and Stromboli

This product looks so interesting that I have to include the official description: “A cream bronzer that magically transforms into a delicate powder when applied to the skin for a natural and luminous long-lasting sun-kissed effect. Its velvety texture leaves the skin ultra-silky while the SPF15 solar filter protects throughout the day, even when in the sun.”

 Cuore di Colore Cream-Powder Blusher (LE) in Capri and Amalfi

“A smooth and ultra-delicate cream blusher that transforms into a silky, incredibly light powder on the skin”

Twist Ultra-Shiny Eye Shadow with Crystal Pearls in Florence (blue) and Venice (pink)

Collistar Ti Amo Italia Spring 2014 Makeup Collection by Antonio Marras products

 Mascara Infinito Waterproof

Twist Ultra-Shiny Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen in Portofino and Taormina.

Mille Baci Radiant Colour Lipstick SPF 15 (LE), Available in six shades.

“Kissable lips guaranteed with this lipstick that combines intense colour with a luminous, easy-to-wear finish. Its formula is rich in active ingredients, feels amazingly smooth when applied and creates a thin film of colour that provides excellent coverage. The glass pack designed in Murano and sculpted with the iconic Collistar ribbed motif, discards the transparent look for an elegant and sophisticated opaline effect.”

 Gloss Nail Lacquer Gel Effect in 523 Positano Ochre and 579 Montalcino Red.

So here is my wish list:

  • 1. Collistar nail polishes really impressed me, so I plan to get  579 Montalcino Red, it looks gorgeous
  • 2. I want to take a look at the cream blushers and bronzers.
  • 3. I like the look of Taormina lip crayon and want to swatch Rome Red lipstick.


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