Want It: Diptyque Mini Candle Set For Christmas 2014

Dear Father Christmas,

Here is what I want  as a stocking filler for the holidays. I have been a almost good girl! Love, Marina.

Diptyque Mini Candle Set For Christmas 2014It is a set of ten Diptyque Mini Candles:

Feu de Bois: the warm, familiar, sophisticated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days.
 Opopanax: extracted from the bush of Persia, the resin is captivating and enigmatic by the balsamic notes.
Ambre: a warm and elegant procession of the woods vetiver and patchouli, enhanced with the radiant aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, citrus and Tonka bean.
Pomander: reminiscent of a Christmas orange sprinkled with cloves and cinnamon.
Genevrier: a woody note with fruity, bitter and tart accords, the evocation of a walk through conifers.
Santal: a sacred wood so precious that its dry and mysterious fragrance has filled the centuries.
Cyprès: a Mediterranean cypress tree with the warm notes of honey and resin.
Myrrhe: a sensual fragrance that pays homage to ambery resin.
Oranger: a deliciously tangy and slightly spicy fragrance, a concentration of the whole tree, including the bark, leaf and zest.
Roses: a fragrance that pays homage to the queen of flowers like a tender, freshly picked bouquet.

So far it can be purchased from Nordstrom for $130 (which makes each candle $13) but it should be also available from some UK and EU shops later, as well.



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