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Want It: FACE Stockholm Makeup

I think that you all already know that I am a huge fan of anything Scandinavian! Makeup and beauty as well, of course.

This is why I can’t believe that I haven’t tried the FACE Stockholm yet.

FACE Stockholm was founded in 198o’s by Gun Nowak. She decided to created a beauty brand as she wanted to have  a big variety of colours and couldn’t find them on the market. Here is what she says: “I didn’t set out to do makeup but I was into crazy makeup and I couldn’t find the colors anywhere! I saw the opportunity. I wanted every color!”

You can read more about the brand  and see their products here.

I was browsing the website for some time and was impressed by the variety of colours they offer, 135 shades of lipsticks in three formulas (cream, matte, veil),  103 shades of nail polish,  different eye shadows,  blushes, face products. Well, they basically have everything you need!

The question is what should I start with? I’d probably get a lipstick, cream blush, nail polish and gel eye liner first.

You may want to see the photos of the products at Rowena’s  and Antonia’s blogs.

If you have tried FACE Stockholm, I’d love to hear your opinion and recommendations.

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