Want It: Gareth Pugh For MAC Cosmetics

I already tweeted last week that according to this source there will be a Gareth Pugh and MAC Cosmetics collaboration for Fall 2011. And, although I am a bit surprised as I think Gareth and Illamasqua would make more sense,  I am excited anyway.

I have big hopes for this collection… That would be nice to see black package with futuristic metallic  elements and dark and sophisticated colours inside.

And this is one of my favourite videos of all times. I’ve watched it countless times, I love  absolutely everything about it. So I could really go on and on but it would be better if you’d just watch it yourself.

By the way, one more reason to love this video besides the genius work of Gareth, amazing music and beautiful Natasha Vojnovic is the stunning makeup by… Lisa Eldridge!


1 thought on “Want It: Gareth Pugh For MAC Cosmetics”

  1. I couldn’t watch more than half of the video.. it made me really uncomfortable lol. Anyway I totally agree that this collaboration would be much more suitable for Illasmasqua!

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