Want It: Hei Poa Beauty Products

I am a bigĀ  fan of Monoi Oil which is used by Tahitian women in their daily beauty routine.

One of my favourite products that I have is the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi melt. You can read my review here.

So of course, I am very excited about the brand which is based on the monoi oil. Hei Poa is not new to me, and according to their website, it’s their 35th anniversary this year, but I’ve never tried their products so far.

Above are the designs of the bottles available for their anniversary.

Interesting facts about the brand and the Monoi Oil:

Hei Poa still use the traditional Tahitian natural process to make Monoi Oil to support the local culture and economy.

“Recent scientific studies have shown Monoi Oil to be much more effective than other natural vegetable oils when it comes to re-hydrating and providing protection to the skin and unlike other oils, it will not leave the skin feeling greasy nor clog the pores.”

I actually agree with the last statement, at least the Elemis Monoi Melt that I’m using is not greasy at all and it never clogged my pores; I’ve tried it using it on my face.

After browsing Hei Poa website and some on-line retailers, now I have a pretty impressive wish list.

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