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I was reading the London Makeup Girl the other day and this post really caught my attention.  It is a review about the Armani eye shadow, but my the middle colour immediately  caught my attention.  When I saw the name of it which was High Voltage Cosmetics Loose Pigment in Freyr which was a part  of the Norse Mythology collection, I had to visit the brand’s website straight away.

To tell the truth, I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it is because I am not an expert in the niche brands like this one. But it looks like  I am missing out a lot. I think I should really find out more about High Voltage Cosmetics and similar brands in the future.

Odin, Black Base with a strong green-gold duochrome. Thorr, Grey base with a green-blue duochrome. Freyr, Smokey Purple with multi fascinated finish.

And do I need to tell you how happy I was to find out that they had the whole collection  dedicated to the Norse Mythology? Yes, I know that those are only names (and all of them are familiar to me) but I am still very excited.

You can check out the gorgeous Norse Mythology collection here. Each eye shadows is $6 and the sample is only $1.25, they ship Worldwide and I am so going to order something in the future.

Lofn, Purple with a red/violet duochrome. Valhalla, black base with an shift of copper to gold and a heaping of gold sparkles. Mjolnir, silvery grey base with a strong gold duochrome and golden sparkles.

We all already know that the design is important, the brand’s name is important for most people, too. But do you care about the names of the products and the inspiration behind the collection/brand?

I have to admit that it really influences me and I can buy products because the story behind them or because the name that appeals to my personal life.

Photos are from the High Voltage Cosmetics website, make sure that you visit it here.

2 thoughts on “Want It: High Voltage Cosmetics Norse Mythology Collection”

  1. I bought some pigments based on your review here, but I have to say that it all went very unwell and I never received my order.
    Unfortunately there was no response to my email asking about the order. From googling I found that I am not the only one with those problem.
    Just thought it was worth mentioning. In the meantime the shop disappeared as well.

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