Want It: Ila Beauty Products

I always make wish-lists so that I don’t get lost, as there are beauty launches literally every day.

And let me tell you, I select the products that will go on my wish-list really carefully. I usually read about the brand and about the products first.  The product goes on my wish list only if it appeals to me on many levels…

So today on in the “Wish List” section we have a brand called Ila which is ‘100% natural, chemical free organic skincare range for the face, body and total being.’

Ila is the Sanskrit word for earth and is the name of the Hindu Goddess of truth, who is associated with flow and refreshment. Although I don’t practice yoga or Hinduism, I would really like to try the products as they sound divine.

Ila looks like a small brand where people really value their products and use only a high quality ingredients. The packaging looks chic and sophisticated to me.

You can read everything about the brand, the range, the founder and the philosophy behind everything at the official website.

As, you’d imagine, these products don’t come cheap but look like they are worth the money. Although I’d love to try pretty much everything,  I’d get the bath salts(500g for £42.88) and the body scrubs(starting from £35.73 for 250g). Ila also stocks lovely candles and gift sets.

If you have tried the brand, I’d love to hear your opinion.

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