Want It: Jo Malone Rose Water & Vanilla Cologne

I’ve started using perfumes only several years ago because I used to hate anything on myself. Now, after experimenting for some time I can say that I like the notes of vanilla and rose in my perfume.

One of my favourite perfume is (and I can already see how people who DO know perfumery think that it’s such a mainstream) is Paco Rabanne Black XS.

This Christmas I’ve got myself this set from Jo Malone and my favourite colognes turned to be Red Rose and Vanilla & Anise. I love them on their own and mixed together.

This all made me thinking that¬† Jo Malone Rose Water & Vanilla Cologne would be something I’d really love.

Here is how it is described:

“This intense and unique cologne is brought to life with the warmth of the skin. The sweet and refreshing note of rose water sparkles over the comforting warmth of vanilla in this soft, powdery and addictive fragrance. ”

It costs £80 for 100ml

You can also get:

Amber & Patchouli Cologne

“Mist the skin with this spicy and woody cologne to discover a marriage of two very different yet completely harmonious ingredients: patchouli and precious amber. A rich, intense and intriguing fragrance.”

Oud & Bergamot Cologne

“This smoky and mysterious cologne envelops both the skin and the senses with its intense character. Discover the hypnotic scent of oud refined with the addition of clean, crisp bergamot. Distinctive and modern.”

Iris & White Musk Cologne.

“The airy, powdery character of this stunning cologne is utterly sophisticated. The precious scent of orris is perfectly balanced with delicious, creamy musk and the Casablanca lily in full and glorious flourish. ”

It is just such a shame that these are available only in 1oo ml.

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