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Want It: Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends Cologne Collection

This is not fair! Just after I got this set by Jo Malone, which I really love and will write my thoughts about it later, there is a new collection which I want.

Of course! Now it’s the Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends.

As a huge fan of tea and have quite a big collection, I never have less than 10 different teas at home, so these colognes  sound like a must have for me.

So far here is the official information and I hope to share my own thoughts later.

Jo Malone Tea Collection Sweet Lemon Cologne

Sweet Lemon is a vibrant, mouth-watering cologne that mirrors the custom of adding a slice of freshly cut lemon or a sprinkle of sugar to a cup of just-brewed tea to lift, lighten and brighten the infusion. A spritz of Sweet Lemon Cologne—with its hints of pineapple, peach and fresh green cypress—misted over your favourite tea fragrance will lend it translucency and a zesty fruitfulness with a sugary twist.

Jo Malone Tea Collection Sweet Milk Cologne

That particularly British notion of adding cool milk to hot tea in order to create a drink with a comforting, rounded richness is reflected in the avant-garde creation of Sweet Milk Cologne. Just a splash beneath your favourite tea scent will give it an incredibly creamy depth. The expertly crafted milk accord has an aroma that is fresh and sweet at the same time. Blended with star anise, almond and vanilla, it’s addictive and reassuring. Just like the very best cup of tea.

Jo Malone Tea Collection Fresh Mint Leaf Cologne

Fresh Mint Leaf is a contemporary cologne reminiscent of an aromatic tisane, served in a crystal-clear glass and sipped in the evening as an after-dinner digestive. Imagine breathing in freshly picked mint steeped in hot, steaming water, enjoying its tantalizing duality of taste, as refreshing as it is warming and soothing. A blend of mint, basil and mate infuses this cologne with its green, leafy clarity. Delicate violet and water jasmine create a tempting transparency, while mush ensures the fragrance blooms on the skin.

Jo Malone Tea Collection Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

Choose Earl Grey and Cucumber, a beautifully crafted scent that is inspired by the thoroughly British tradition of High Tea—the mid-afternoon ritual that’s such a sought-after experience in London’s most prestigious hotels. Where Earl Grey tea is accompanied by petite, wafer-fine cucumber sandwiches. In this inventive and unconventional cologne, the top notes burst with bergamot—the same ingredient that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive, fruity aroma. Its then that you discover the cool succulence of cucumber, vanilla and mush. Ravishingly reviving.

Jo Malone Tea Collection Assam & Grapefruit Cologne

Discover Assam and Grapefruit, an invigorating cologne that captures the lively, full-bodied aroma of that first cup of tea in the morning. After an initial citrus burst of grapefruit, a perfect perfumed interpretation of the black tea note of Assam unfolds—the herbal scent of mate, infused with the spiciness of cardamom, the nuttiness of almond and the warmth of patchouli. Rich, malty and maddeningly mooring.

Each cologne is £34 for 30ml / $55 for 1oz

Which one would you like to try?

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