Want It: Meet Matt(e) Nude Eye Shadows Palette by theBalm

Remember the original Meet Matt(e) palette by theBalm? Well, guess what? The brand just released the new version which is called Meet Matt(e) Nude.

And I think I need it. You get nine nude matte eye shadows.  I can already see that I don’t have several shades in my collection. Plus it’s not that easy to find good quality matte eye shadows, and theBalm’s definitely are!

The actual photo of the palette is from theBalm’s Facebook page

So far you can only pre-order this palette at their official website for $42 (they’ll ship on the 18th). But I do hope that the lovely Matt(e) will make it to Feel Unique, as most of theBalm’s palettes do.


3 thoughts on “Want It: Meet Matt(e) Nude Eye Shadows Palette by theBalm”

  1. Finally mattes! Love the colors but I’m not crasy about the “Matt” character. Hopefully they will come out in stores. I so want to swatch these to see how the textures are.

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